Armanni® Connect 4.0

Armanni® Connect is the new tool for a digitalized and efficient management of Armanni lift trucks, thanks to which you can have a real-time monitoring both on the single truck and on the whole company fleet.

This tool makes Armanni products “4.0 Ready”, thus allowing to improve the management of the machine park, to increase the safety of the operators and to boost the efficiency and the productivity of the machines.

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The main advantages

Greater safety for the operators

Economic saving on maintenance costs

“Smart” management of the lift truck

Increased efficiency and productivity

How does it work?

  • Advanced connectivity

    Data accessibility via Smartphone, Tablet or PC thanks to the integrated WIFI and GPRS system

  • Locationing

    Real time truck tracking through the designated GPS system

  • Service Alerts

    It notifies the scheduled maintenance deadlines pre-set by the fleet supervisor.

  • Datalogger

    It analyses the driving style of the operators by providing data on the use of the vehicle by each operator

  • Black box

    It records the bumps committed by each operator, the holes, the actual hours of use, the battery status, errors and anomalies.

  • Pre-operative checklist

    It allows to request a check on the truck’s conditions before each use by the operator

  • Access Control

    It guarantees access only to authorized users with an identification RFID badge.

Do you have any question?

Contact our staff

If you have any doubts about the Armanni® Connect 4.0 technology, contact our staff, who will be available to answer all your questions.

Obtain your “4.0 Ready” lift truck

Choose our advanced technology to obtain your “4.0 Ready” lift truck, to increase productivity and to improve workplace safety

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Do you need more information about Armanni® Connect 4.0? Download the detailed brochure and contact us for more information or a free quote with no obligation to purchase.

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