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ROLLS & REELS Handling

Lift trucks equipped with devices that can meet the different needs of reel handling operations, such as loading/unloading the machinery, movement and storage. The offered solutions can adapt to reels that are made with any material, so the same equipment can be used for a variable range of load diameters.

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XXL handling solutions

Machines that were specifically designed and developed to handle loads that are considered double extra-large due to their volume and/or size. A suitable life cycle of the machine, also in heavy duty work conditions, is assured by the extremely sturdy structure and the specific components that, combined with the power-assisted driving system, allow the operator to handle the load in an effective and safe way, even in case of XXL loads.

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DRUMS Handling

Lift trucks that are equipped with specific devices to effectively handle drums and tanks of different materials and weights, to safely carry out the operations that concern handling, storage and gradual controlled emptying of the content.

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Specific equipment or devices that are built-in in the lift trucks to offer a complete range of solutions to handle industrial containers of various shapes, materials and sizes: from picking up and storing bins, passing through the gradual controlled emptying of the content up to handling smaller containers.

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Broad range of products that are made with stainless steel to handle loads within work premises that are characterised by high oxidation or requiring the implementation of the strictest hygienic conditions. The range of standard lift trucks, pallet trucks and towing trucks is supplemented by a large number of customised solutions that can meet all needs of the customer.

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Customized solutions to meet all needs

Your needs at the core of our business!

Our design team examines the handling problem with you, collects all necessary details and, thanks to an in-depth know-how that was reached following the manufacture of more than 70,000 machines, we can always offer the most suitable solution for your business activity.


Scheduled maintenance service with quarterly chain inspection to assure an increased product life-cycle.


All the original spare parts are always available within 24-48 hours thanks to a very efficient after-sales department.


Prompt customer care service for on-site repair interventions in the shortest time as possible.