Armanni’s range of products allows meeting the most varied needs within the industry of goods handling within warehouses, plants and manufacturing departments. From conventional lift trucks and pallet trucks to handle palletised goods, the offered products are supplemented by specific solutions to tow and handle goods, to handle reels, drums and industrial containers up to machines that were specifically developed to handle loads with exceptional size and weight. The majority of the conventional steel products has an equivalent within the range of stainless steel machines in order to offer the same solutions also for premises that are characterised by high humidity or requiring the highest hygienic standards. Armanni’s offered solutions for goods lifting activities are then supplemented by the range of pantograph lift tables, which are available in standard or customisable set-up according to the specific needs of the customers.


They are key tools to pick up and store goods within warehouses and work premises: Armanni’s range of stackers covers fully electronic machines, both for handling and lifting operations, fully manual solutions, as well as the semi-electric alternative with manual movement and electronic lifting of the load.

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They are the ideal solution to deal with the different operations to handle palletised goods; Armanni’s range of pallet trucks pays attention to all specific needs of use: reduced overall dimensions, comfort and safety of the operator, speed of movement and simple use.

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Armanni’s range of towing trucks represents the solution to handle loads on a trailer in a safe and effective way. On the contrary, the range of platform trucks allows handling goods that are placed on the front platform, which can be dimensioned according to weight and volume features of the load to be handled.

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Comprehensive range of stainless-steel products for handling operations on work premises that are characterised by high oxidation or requiring the strictest hygienic conditions. The standard range of lift trucks, pallet trucks and towing trucks is supplemented by a large number of customised solutions that can solve all needs of the customer.

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To be used within manufacturing departments, warehouses or automated plants, the varied range of ARMANNI’s lift tables are crucial machines that make important operations effective and fully compliant with the law, such as lifting of goods, loading and unloading of goods into/from lorries, maintenance or connect work surfaces that are arranged at different heights.

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The size of the traditional single- or double-pantograph tables can be customised according to the requirements of the customer and they can be equipped with several optional accessories; Armanni’s offered solutions then cover products that were specifically designed for particular uses, such as tables that can be used as work benches, tables to tilt the load, motor-driven tables up to tables with extra-resistant structure and components to handle XXL loads in a safe way.

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Customized solutions to meet all needs

Your needs at the core of our business!

Our design team examines the handling problem with you, collects all necessary details and, thanks to an in-depth know-how that was reached following the manufacture of more than 70,000 machines, we can always offer the most suitable solution for your business activity.


Scheduled maintenance service with quarterly chain inspection to assure an increased product life-cycle.


All the original spare parts are always available within 24-48 hours thanks to a very efficient after-sales department.


Prompt customer care service for on-site repair interventions in the shortest time as possible.