TPT AC-evo 40 INOX

TPT AC-evo 40 INOX represent the ideal solution for pulling goods in totally safe conditions. It’s a tow truck completely made of stainless steel, equipped with a hydraulic lifting hitch. The stainless steel frame and components make this pallet truck particularly suitable for working in environments subject to oxidation phenomena by the presence of moisture, condensation, powders and saline solutions. TPT AC-evo 40 INOX allows to tow loads up to 4000 Kg and to lift loads (thru tow hitch system) up to 2000 Kg.


    Designed for moving many types of load mounted on trailers, it can be used with customised coupling systems, adaptable to already existing towing structures or new trucks which can be used together the existing ones; thanks to this, the costs for customers can be significantly decreased.


    The braking phase involves the activation of a specific system to recover energy that, together with the search for the lowest levels of consumption, ensures more working cycles every time the battery is recharged.


    Thanks to an advanced system used in the traction system, it is possible to adjust speed with maximum precision, as well as to ensure total safety in the loading and unloading operations, even on ramps, by means of ANTI ROLL-BACK, namely starting uphill without rolling back, and ANTI ROLL-DOWN, thanks to which the machine is always under torque control, even downhill.


    Thanks to the innovative DR EVO driving system, the operator can benefit from maximum drivability, manoeuvrability and safety ensured by the new steering arm that has been entirely designed by ARMANNI R&D team, and which integrates the new turtle function and the two-speed ascent/descent control system.


TPT AC-evo 40 INOX

Stainless steel tiller

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Oversized/bigger battery on demand

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Sideways/quick battery replacement system

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Visual and acoustic warning devices

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Built-in USB port

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Hour meter with error indicator

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Customizable tow hitch

Customizable tow hitch according to the specific industrial trailer ...


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